March 11, 2020
Seeking Help
Anxiety, PMDD, OCD(intrusive thoughts), Menstrual Pain, ADHD


March 2020
Last updated:
March 29, 2020

What problem do you have?


What are your symptoms?

Anxiety, depression, disassociation, feeling world will end, suicidal.

Previous medicines used / tried?

Lorezepam, Benzos

What did you like or dislike about them?

Don't want unnatural things in my body that mess up my mood.

What is currently helping you?

CBD/THC balance. Namaste Durga Mata II,Phoenix tears

What's the biggest thing you need help with?

Anxiety and depression

How experienced are you with cannabis?

Very - daily user

What would your ideal treatment be to match your lifestyle?

i don't mind microdosing, but will need to be able to focus on work which incl. corporate meetings, discussions, and prepping financial results.