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This is how patients have used cannabis to treat their Fibromyalgia.
How did we get this data?

Top Used Cannabis Treatments

Specific treatments recommended by people with Fibromyalgia.

Cannabinoid Used

Cannabinoids are the compounds which make up cannabis.

Treatments Used By Category

Large scale view of what is used

Top Cannabis Oil Used

These include oils with both THC and CBD.

Additional Findings

Diet Changes & Exercise

These are additional findings reported by patients with Fibromyalgia.

Cannabis Strains

Terpene Breakdown Of All Strains

Primary, secondary & tertiary terpenes from the strains that had terpene information available.

Dominant Terpene Profile & Strains That Match It

This is the dominant terpene profile that appears. Additionally here are strains listed from above that match this terpene profile.



Videos where people talk about treating their Fibromyalgia with Cannabis.

What, How, & Why